3 Most Easy Kitchen Garden Plants Any Beginner Can Grow At Home

kitchen garden plants

Planting is pretty refreshing yet daunting at the same time, especially for a beginner. It’s always best to start with easy plants in the beginning. The biggest reason for this preference is the convenience as easy plants don’t require much attention, water, or even sunlight in some cases. Below are 3 such easy-growing kitchen garden plants you can go for if you are new to the world of gardening. Starting with these will give you a precise exposure to planting. So, do check out the following names. 


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Packed with vitamin A, B as well as E, the chilies are something that you cannot ignore. Chilies are known for their health benefits such as good blood flow, detoxification of the body, and a boost to the metabolism. This plant is always in use in the kitchen. It’s hard to find a household that doesn’t use chilies. For growing chilies, you need sunlight. So, pick a place that gets regular sunlight. Plant about 3 to 4 seeds in a pot. Let it germinate for about a week or so. Remember to water the chili plant every 2 to 3 days and do expose it to sunlight. It’s simple to grow chilies but still one needs to be steady.


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Filled with vitamin C, lemons are ideal for any gardening beginner. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C but potassium and calcium too. It’s an amazing antibiotic that also cleanses the body. It even saves us from harmful diseases and health issues. That’s why this immunity booster is just the right choice. For growing lemons, get a 3 to 4 years old lemon tree and place it in a pot. Lemons need sunlight for at least 8 hours so search for such a place around your house. The next important thing is watering. Water the lemon plant daily but not too much. 


Tomatoes are some of the healthiest veggies. They are good for the skin, filled with vitamins and minerals. For a tomato plant, you have to first germinate the tomato plant in a separate pot. After germination, you can transfer it to a bigger pot. Keep the plant under regular sunlight as well as water. 


No matter if it’s a new practice, work, or whatnot not. When we are new to something we are sure to make mistakes. It’s best to refer to beginner-friendly guides and above is a similar guide for gardening. If you are someone new to gardening or hoping to grow kitchen plants then the above-given plants might be good for starters. Chilies, Lemons, and Tomatoes are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and many good things. The best part about these plants is that they are the simplest to grow. Even with less care and water, these can grow to a good extent. Try out growing chilies, lemons as well as tomatoes. 

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