4 Awesome School Gardening Ideas

school gardening ideas

School gardens are a great way to teach students about nature. Having exposure to plants and animals is beneficial in the learning process. There are many health benefits involved in gardening. For example, it can change the eating habits of children. When kids will see how much attention is given to vegetables then they will realize the importance of food. Not just that they may start eating healthy. Getting outside of the classroom brings a little relief too. School gardens can improve the overall fitness level of students as well as students.

Growing Radish

Two oranges and a knife on a cutting board

Radish is an amazing source of potassium as well as calcium. These two minerals are vital in the growing years. The vegetable helps in enhancing blood flow and curtails blood pressure. That’s why it is a must to have such a beneficial food item at school. The best part is that it takes a short amount of time to grow. They germinate between 5 to 6 days along with harvest time that goes not more than 4 weeks. 

Sunflowers At School 

It is not necessary to grow just vegetables when you can try flowers too. Sunflower seeds are also known for their nutritional value as they contain iron, vitamins, zinc, and many more. To be surrounded by pleasant flowers and the wonderful fragrance is a nice feeling. Sunflowers don’t take more than 100 days. In some cases, you may see flowers within 70 days. Hence, suitable for school-like places. 

Try Carrots 

A pile of fresh fruits and vegetables

Easy-to-grow vegetables that even children can grow. It takes around 80 days for carrots to fully mature. Just pull the carrots out of the ground. They can grow without much attention and are always a reasonable option to try at schools. These are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins A, K, and so on. Moreover, carrots give protection to the skin. All the nutrients present in this vegetable can help in having a healthy life. 

Pea Shoots 

The time involved in growing pea shoots is the shortest. Within 3 weeks they will be ready to harvest. Pea shoots are filled with the goodness of vitamin A and vitamin C. It has some amount of protein too. They curb a lot of diseases and health issues. For example, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, can be prevented with its consumption.


Maintaining a small garden at school has proved beneficial for students. Such types of gardens have done a good job when seen from the health aspect. A lot of students start to eat healthily after watching the vegetables and seeds grow. They realize the significance of food through the hard work they put in while growing plants. Apart from that these gardens are good to get comfort from a stressful life. The school gardening ideas include growing radishes. Grow sunflowers, carrots, and pea shoots.

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