4 Reasons Why People Will Love Potting Soil Even More

potting soil

Your first option for potting soil would be a mix of fine peat and fine gravel. You may purchase it at local garden stores and nurseries or you may make your own mixture by blending together equal parts coarse topsoil and fine topsoil mixed together. Once you have the mix you can then plant your plants in it. Also, allow them to acclimatize in it for at least one week. This should be done a couple of times a year depending on the climate of the area where you live. If you do not want to wait then you may consider other types of potting soil that is available in the market today.

The kind of soil that you choose depends largely on the type of plant you are planting. It also depends on the amount of light and water the plants need. If you are planting herbs, then you may use medium to heavy peat for their root system.

What is potting soil
What is potting soil

Planting Tomatoes- Know Potting Soil Tips

If you are planting tomatoes or peppers, then you may opt for a thick layer of soil made from heavy clay, gravel, or peat. If you are planting carrots, then you can plant in loose layers and then plant flowers in between the layers. This is because carrots require a lot of water for proper growth and blooming and the roots will get submerged in the soil if they are placed in loose layers.

If you are planting trees, then you may need some sort of potting medium for them to retain its full nutrients when it rains. The soil should be firm and moist, yet it should be able to absorb rainwater. This way, you will not have to irrigate the plant in order to water it, but you also won’t have to fertilize it as often either.

Choose The Right Type Of Soil

You may also choose the type of soil to be used. There are some people who choose medium to heavy clay for their soil; others choose light clay. This is based on their individual preferences. Clay is usually used for plants that do not have roots that need to drain off their water. They also prefer to avoid applying any fertilizer to their plant as clay tends to retain the nutrients better than light clay.

If you want to plant trees, then you should mix coarse topsoil with fine sand and then plant them in the pot with the same proportions. of soil mix that you used for your plants.

If you are planting vegetables and you do not want to wait for it to acclimatize, then you can apply water to your plants every few weeks. You can water the soil using a couple of times every year.


To prepare your plants for transplanting, you may want to water the soil thoroughly before you bring it home or bring the plant home. After it has dried completely, then you may remove the soil.

Once you have the plant home, you can then prepare the soil by mixing the soil with a spade to get rid of debris. Then you can spread the compost in the area where the plant is going to be planted. This is usually done before the plant is brought home. You will notice that after the plant is transplanted. There is a lot of extra compost to be disposed of so this is something to consider.

You will then mix the soil with the correct proportions of water and apply fertilizer once the plant is growing. Fertilization is very important, especially for the first few weeks of plant growth.

potting soil tips
potting soil tips


It’s best to fertilize your plant only during the first two weeks of plant growth. This is because the plants are not deprived of the necessary nutrients needed. They do not have any adverse effects on the plant. Also, you should avoid fertilizer at the same time of the growing season.

There are different types of pots that you can use for different purposes. There are big pots, small pots, plastic pots, ceramic pots, Terra cotta pots, and plastic pots. These are only a few that you can choose from.

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