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veronica spicata

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What is Veronica Spicata

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Veronica spicata, commonly known as speedwell, is a plant of the family Plantaginaceae. It is a herbaceous perennial plant with small, opposite leaves and blue or white flowers.

How to care for Veronica Spicata

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Veronica spicata is a hardy, long-lived perennial that performs well in a variety of soils and sites. It prefers full sun but will also grow in partial shade.

To care for Veronica spicata, water regularly during the first year after planting to help establish a healthy root system. Once established, this plant requires little care and can typically tolerate drought conditions. Fertilize once a year in spring with a balanced fertilizer. Cut back plants in late winter to promote fresh new growth in spring.

When to plant Veronica Spicata

Veronica spicata can be planted in the early spring or late summer. it can also be planted in the fall.

Where to plant Veronica Spicata

Veronica spicata is a beautiful plant that can be planted in many different places. It grows well in full sun and partial shade, so it can be planted in many different parts of the garden. It also does well in moist soil, so it can be planted near a pond or stream.

What kind of soil does Veronica Spicata need?

Veronica Spicata needs soil that is well-drained and slightly acidic. it will grow in other soils, but it may not bloom as well. You can amend the soil to make it more acidic by adding sulfur or peat moss.

How much sun does Veronica Spicata need?

Veronica Spicata needs at least 6 hours of direct sun each day for best blooming results. Partial shade is fine, but too much shade will prevent the plants from flowering.

When to fertilize

Fertilize Veronica Spicata in early spring with a general-purpose fertilizer. Do not fertilize again until late summer. Stop fertilizing altogether in the fall so the plants can go dormant.

What kind of watering schedule Veronica Spicata needs

Veronica Spicata needs a moderate watering schedule, watering about every other day. It is important not to overwater this plant, as it can lead to root rot. Make sure the soil is moist but not wet before watering. If the leaves of the Veronica Spicata are wilting, it means it needs water.

How to fertilize Veronica Spicata

Fertilize Veronica Spicata with a balanced fertilizer every other month. Do not fertilize in the winter, as this will promote new growth that could be susceptible to cold damage.

What pests and diseases may affect Veronica Spicata

Veronica Spicata may be affected by pests such as aphids, spider mites, or whiteflies. These can be controlled with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. This plant may also be affected by diseases such as root rot, powdery mildew, or leaf spot. If you notice any signs of pests or diseases, take action right away to prevent them from spreading.

How to propagate Veronica Spicata

Veronica Spicata can be propagated by seed or division. To propagate by seed, sow the seeds in the spring and thin out the plants when they are large enough to handle. To propagate by division, divide the plants in the spring or fall. Make sure each division has at least one stem and three or four leaves.

What kind of fertilization schedule Veronica Spicata needs

Veronica Spicata needs a fertilization schedule that will provide it with plenty of nitrogen. A regular application of a balanced fertilizer or a slow-release fertilizer will work well for this plant.

Pests and diseases that can affect Veronica Spicata

Pests and diseases that can affect Veronica Spicata include aphids, fungal leaf spots, powdery mildew, and Verticillium wilt.

Propagating new plants from existing ones

To propagate new plants from existing ones, you will need to remove a section of the stem of the existing plant and then place it in water. The section of the stem that is placed in water will begin to grow roots and a new plant will then form.


The article has given a good overview of the Veronica Spicata plant. It is a hardy perennial that blooms throughout the summer months with vibrant flowers in shades of pink, blue, and purple. The plant does well in full sun or partial shade and can be used as border plants, edging plants, or ground cover.

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