An Ultimate Guide To The Plant Collections Of This Historical Place – Longwood Botanical Gardens

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Longwood Botanical Gardens are a garden consisting of over 1,077 acres of gardens, meadows, and woodlands in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the United States, in the Brandywine Creek Valley. It is one of the chief horticultural display gardens in the United States. It is open to visitors the whole year to enjoy native and exotic plants and horticulture, performances and events, themed and seasonal attractions, as well as educational courses, lectures, and various workshops. These Longwood botanical gardens have a long, varied history. The local Lenni Lenape tribe fished its streams, planted its fields, and hunted its forests for several years. You can find the evidence of that tribe’s existence in quartz spear points which people discovered on and around the property, and you can also see it on display in the Peirce-du Pont House on the Longwood gardens property. At present, 1,077-acre Longwood botanical gardens include:

  • Various outdoor gardens.
  • Varying from formal to naturalistic in their landscape design.
  • Twenty indoor games inside a 4.5-acre group of heated greenhouses.

This garden also offers extensive educational programs, which provide a tuition-free two-year graduate program, professional horticulture, and extensive internships. 

Amazing Plant Collections 

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Longwood’s plant collections include more than 10,000 taxa. Although these Longwood botanical gardens focus on Horticulture displays, the Gardens have taken steps to prioritize specific collections instead of developing extensive collections. 

These collections got the designation of primary collections, which receive particular focus regarding their management, development, and displays in the garden. Core collections are chief of the mission of Longwood botanical gardens. This core collection has a plan for its management, development, and display devised and periodically reviewed. 

  • Australian Collection: The Australian collection consists of a special horticultural section of plants found in Australia. 
  • Boxwood Collection: This lovely Boxwood collection consists of plants of the genus Buxus picked from areas of their native distribution. 
  • Fern Collection: This collection displays representatives of all fern families, both tropical and hardy. 
  • Lilac Collection: The Lilac collection consists of horticultural selections of Syringa vulgaris, developed in the United States before the 1950s.
  • Oak Collection includes species and horticultural selections of the genus Quercus, local to eastern North America. 
  • Orchid Collection: This collection displays tropical species, and horticultural selections of the family Orchidaceae cultivated before the 1950s. 
  • Waterlily Collection: You will find horticultural selections of this collection of genus Nymphaea found in North America. 
  • Holly Collection: This section of Longwood botanical gardens includes native species and hybrids of the genus Ilex. 
  • Camellia Collection: The Camellia collection displays historic horticultural selections of Camellia japonica of French origin. 


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This informative article regarding the extremely creative Longwood botanical gardens brings you the elaborated information regarding its various fantastic plant collections. I hope you get to know a lot about it!

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