Basic Gardening Tools Needed For Gardening

tools needed for gardening

A good basic set of all the essential gardening tools is a must for any gardener, or otherwise simple garden tasks such as removing leaves or digging manure can become an overwhelming ordeal. While rubber gloves are usually intended to protect your hand from becoming dirty and in picking up foreign organisms when dealing with soil and manure, leather gloves also come in handy for dealing with tough grass and thorny plants which can lead to injuries. Of course, there are a lot more gardening tools than just the four main ones. Here are a few additional tools that are very helpful for gardeners and are not to be ignored, especially if you have young children or other members of the family who are likely to get hurt while tending to the garden.

Use Handles

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Of course, the most obvious part of a gardening tool collection is the pair of gardening scissors or knives that the hand tools used. You can choose from a simple pair of wooden handle scissors, or you can go for one with a steel handle. It is also possible to get smaller scissors and knives with decorative handles made of brass or metal. If you are buying a pair of scissors or a knife, make sure it is ergonomically designed to fit into both your hand and the handle. You can also choose from a pair of single handed knives with two handles, or a set of double handed knives with fixed handles. However, keep in mind that the fixed handles of these kinds of knives are easier to control, especially if you are using them for cutting thick and large branches of vines.

B. Spades, shovels and forks – Another important part of your basic garden tools is a set of metal tools called spades. These tools have a flat surface and a digging end. There are various types of spades, and they include: clawfoot, pick, hydraulic, wood, spring and a combination of all of these. You will need to buy a set of at least 4 of each type of spade to carry on all the gardening jobs you plan to do.

Soil Samples And Compost

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Your soil and composting tools can be as simple as kitchen leftovers, but they can be quite complex depending on the type of material you use. For instance, some garden equipment used to aerate and enrich soil has metal blades and hooks on the handle. Other tools for aerating the soil contain tiny metal rods covered in soil. You can also find sets of soil testers with compasses to check the quality of your soil. Metal computers are used to turn waste into fertilizer and soil additives, while small metal containers that retain heat and bacteria release organic matter into the compost.

Edging & Mulching Tools

These tools are essential to any gardener. An edger is used to create a carefully planned border around a garden bed or vegetable plot. A mulching mower cuts dead grass or weeds from a distance. Garden edging tools vary based on the size of your garden, but there are a few general types to consider.


G. Gardening Gloves – Gardening is often an exhausting activity for most people. You need to protect yourself with a pair of garden gloves to keep your hands protected and comfortable. There are several different types of gloves for different types of gardening. The most basic tools needed for gardening includes: hoes, shovels, spades, a weed whacker and rakes.

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