Cool And Smart Indoor Gardening Ideas From Reddit And Quora

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More and more people are discovering that gardening space can be found almost anywhere – even inside their homes. There are many reasons for this indoor vegetable gardening trend: Living in the city with limited space; insufficient or poor quality soil; impatience to garden even though it is the middle of winter.

These all used to be obstacles to starting a garden…But no more! Almost anybody can start growing veggies indoors. All you need is a bit of space, some natural or artificial light, containers, potting soil, water, seeds and time.

Quora And Reddit Indoor Gardening Ideas And More

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You can see that I’m quite enthusiastic about growing veggies indoors. I want everybody to be able to grow their own organic fruits and veggies if they want to, no matter where they live! And, Reddit and Quora have often be the best place to find few great indoor gardening ideas, tips, and tricks. These are perfect for every gardening enthusiast. So I’ve put together some of the top tips that go beyond basic indoor gardening information. Tricks of the trade, if you will.

Think Vertically

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Don’t think you have enough room in your apartment for an indoor garden? Do you have any walls? Think of them as vertical gardening space! You can maximize on this space by using hanging planters, tiered planters, or even shelves, to create vertical vegetable gardens.

Reflect Light

Light is an issue for many indoor gardens. You can greatly maximize the light you have by surrounding your gardening space with reflective material, such as Mylar. This will also ensure your plants get light from all sides.

Use Cheap Organic Fertilizer

One reason to grow veggies indoors is to eat healthier, organic produce. So why use conventional chemical fertilizer? You don’t have to buy an expensive organic fertilizer mix, either. Save money by using natural single-substance organic fertilizers. Alfalfa meal, bat guano, and cotton seed meal are just a few of the many natural fertilizers that can be used in container veggie gardening!

Keep Friends Close

Grouping plants together according to their light and watering preferences will make the job of caring for your indoor vegetable garden much easier. You can also plant friendly companion plants together in the same container to help their growth and success.

Don’t Forget About Low Light Areas

Vegetables that grow in the shade traditionally can be grown in the lower light areas of your house. Lettuce, spinach, radishes are some of the top low light veggies to grow indoors. In the even darker corners consider growing mushrooms and sprouts (not really a “vegetable” but tasty and extremely healthy for you).

Use Your Windowsill

That’s right! Even a sunny window sill can be used for a small vegetable container garden. If your sill isn’t big enough, you can buy what is called a “window sill extender” specifically designed for window sill gardening.

Think Small

Miniature, that is. Many fruits and vegetables have miniature or dwarf varieties that are more suitable for indoor container gardening. Cherry tomatoes, mini bell peppers, dwarf melons, zucchini (rather than full sized squash), miniature carrots…The list goes on and on. Try to find the miniature version of the fruits and vegetables you want in your indoor garden.

Growing veggies indoors can be extremely rewarding. You can save money at the grocery store, and enjoy tastier AND healthier organic produce. And did you know that indoor therapeutic gardens have even been shown to decrease stress, alleviate depression, improve wellbeing, and promote healing? The benefits of growing your own food indoors are many.

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