Different Wall Gardening Ideas

wall gardening ideas

If you are looking for some fantastic indoor wall gardening ideas to get you started with your indoor gardening, you should look into wall gardening ideas. These are great ideas for indoor gardening because the plants can be placed against a wall and grow without any problems at all. The wall is also protected by various decorations so they do not get knocked down accidentally.

There are many types of wall gardening ideas that you can use for your garden. You will be able to find a wall mounted planter or one that is designed for hanging on the wall. Some wall planters will have pegs in the middle of them that you can place pots on. Other wall planters have a flat surface on which you can plant the seeds. Still other wall planters just have a flat surface that is easy to walk on.

Garden Location

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The first thing that you want to decide on is where to place your garden. If you live in a small apartment or a condo unit, a hanging wall planter may not be a good idea. In these small spaces, you can usually get away with using a wall mounted planter.

If you have a larger home, you can still find some nice wall gardening ideas. One idea that you could try is using a hanging pot on a wall. This is one way to make your home look bigger without having to move any of your furniture. There are also some beautiful hanging baskets that you can place on the wall as well.

One of the most popular wall gardening ideas is using pots that are on stands. These pots can be used to plant a wide variety of flowers and vegetables. Not only are these pots great for doing the gardening indoors, but they also have a beautiful decorative element that you can use on your walls.

Wall Planter

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Of course, if you have the room, you can always go with a real wall planter. These planters come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They look just like real plants that are sitting on your wall. These planters not only look nice, but they are also great at holding and storing all of your gardening supplies. Once you get done using your garden, you can simply take the pots off of your wall and store them in a closet or on the floor.

If you want to add something interesting to your wall, consider using some hanging baskets. They are a great way to decorate your wall and they do not take up any room at all. You can store several different kinds of baskets on a wall and they will look like a unique piece of art. The great thing about these wall gardening ideas is that you can use just about any type of basket. Bamboo baskets are very popular because they are environmentally friendly and look very natural.

Variety Of Ideas

As you can see, there are many things that you can do with wall gardening ideas. You do not have to just stick to one size. In fact, you can change your mind as often as you want and find a look that you love. Just remember that when you are picking out the plants for your garden, you should pick ones that will be able to withstand high levels of heat. These types of plants are great because they will not rot or die from exposure to the sun.

It is important that you clean your wall after you use it for gardening. Do not leave dirt in the holes that you dig to help preserve the plants. Your home’s wall fiber also helps to preserve the plants. Keep your wall gardening ideas simple, and try to use only a few plants.

Another thing that you will want to consider when you are developing your own wall gardening ideas is what kind of lighting you will be using. The lighting is essential when it comes to wall gardening. Not only does it enhance the wall and the plants, but it also gives the plants enough light. Too little light can make it hard for the plants to thrive. Make sure that you take the time to work hard to find the perfect lights that will illuminate your wall.


When you are using wall gardening ideas, remember that you need to make sure that you keep your plants healthy. Use the right mulch to protect them. Mulch helps prevent fungus from growing on the plant leaves. If you have a wall garden, you may also want to consider using some herbs that grow well together. Consider planting strawberries, herbs, and other flowers that will add color to your wall.

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