Easy Yard Work Tips

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It is very important that you do yard work right every year. You do not want to be penalized with a fine and a costly fine by your city, county or the state for failing to have yard work done. Doing yard work is not difficult but it does require patience and hard work. Yard work helps to beautify the home and curb appeal. A well maintained yard makes the home look more inviting to guests and family.

Mowing Lawns

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Yard work may include anything from mowing lawns to planting flowers and vegetables, all the way to taking out dead branches and weeds. Start yard work by collecting dead leaves, trash, fallen branches, trash cans, unwanted shrubs, and any other obvious sights and eyesores from around the neighborhood. Go on to remove weeds, old garden furniture or cracked fencing, and anything else that doesn’t have a place in the yard. Removing a tree stump can take several hours or days, depending on the size of the stump. For larger trees, such as maple or oak trees, the stump must be lifted using metal supports that are nailed into the ground, as the weight of the tree will damage the support and break them.

You can’t start yard work until the grass has been mowed, the weeds have been cut and the grass seed spaded. There are two types of grass: Bermuda and Kentucky. Long, lean grass is ideal for a yard that needs little maintenance, while cool-season Bermuda is more suitable for a sunny area. To get the best results, make sure that your lawnmower is set up properly.

Safety Tips

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There are a number of safety tips that will help you when you are doing yard work. If you need to climb something, be aware that even though it may seem easier to do so, it could prove to be extremely dangerous. Many people have suffered serious injuries due to trying to climb something without using a ladder. Always take care when climbing ladders and always hold your feet firmly on the ground. Always keep in mind that the ladder you use should have the ability to bend in order to meet the height of the object that you are climbing. Never run towards an object without first climbing on it and taking proper safety precautions.

Rotary Mower

If you don’t have much time to devote to yard work, then you are better off with a rotary mower. These mowers are less expensive than other types of mowers, plus you won’t have to worry about weeds and dead grass. To get the most out of your rotary mower, turn off the engine before you reach the edge of the driveway or road. This way, you can keep the grass under control. Mowing your grass regularly, can help you control the amount of weeds and moss that grows, which can also keep insects such as mosquitoes at bay.

Last Words

Fertilizing your lawn is one of the most important yard work assignments that needs to be completed to ensure a green and beautiful lawn. If you do not fertilize your lawn, it will soon become dry and without any color. A healthy lawn requires a regular application of fertilizer and if you are not sure about how much, then you should seek advice from a lawn care expert. Applying fertilizer after every wet season will help your grass grow more quickly.

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