Building a small fish pond

Fish Pond Reservoir Stocked With Fish

Many people love to have a fish pond of their own. But, due to lack of space, they can only have fish in molded aquariums. However, you can find individuals that can build it in their backyard. Hence, if you have a garden in your house with an area covered with too many rock and pebbles where plants can’t grow, then you can do it by yourself. You may easily keep fish and also distribute water among the other plants and flowers surrounding it. There are various ways to build a small fish pond in your backyard.

Fish Pond: Tips To Build A Small Pond In Your Backyard

Building a small fish pond area in your backyard is simple and easy. Here are some steps on how to DIY a small pond at home.

Fish Pond: Select A Particular Site

Before getting into the designs, you need to finalize the area for your little pond. You need a place with a bright sunlight area that vets the direct heat of the sun. You must also avoid big trees nearby, where leaves may fall out on the pond. Nevertheless, trees can be everywhere in the garden. Coconut trees are best for shades near the lake. But for small ponds, it’s better to have small coconut trees.


Equipment That You Need To Build The Small Pond

You need to measure the area and dig it to make the pond. Therefore, you need to have specific tools like a measuring scale, digging tools, a small spade, etc.  Mix the mud in a container to make the mud plaster. You also need a PVC pipe and water for the pond.

 Liners For Small Fish Pond

You need to line the pond at first. For that, you can use pond liners or cement to make the line. Once you are done, wait for a specific time and then remove that water. Add fresh water before pouring fish in it.

Pebbles For Decoration

You need a lot of stones and rocks for decorating your pond. Stones make the lake look good. You can also add various underwater plants. The rocks and plants are a great hiding place for fish. However, make sure that you clean them before adding to the pond.


Buy Hardy Freshwater Fishes

There is a variety of fish that can live together in a freshwater pond. You need to do a little research if you have zero knowledge about fish. However, there are colorful mollies, chickens, parrots that can live together. You will find these fish in any store.

Anti-Termite Treatments

Termites often damage the pond liners. Therefore, it’s always better to treat the area with anti-termites. There are various kinds of powder and sprays available in the market. You can also get these in local stores.


You can quickly build a fish pond in your backyard if you consider the above-mentioned points. It’s not only fun to build it, but it also adds beauty to your garden.


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