Gardening Ideas For Balcony- How You Can Turn Your Balcony Into A Garden

gardening ideas for balcony

Trees and plants are the evergreen home decor that never goes out of trend. Apart from that, trees create a nature-friendly atmosphere around you. But in this modern era, people find it tough to grow a garden just because they run out of space to plant trees. However, indoor plants and creepers can make it easy. And if you have a balcony at your home, then gardening becomes easy. But the question is how can you manage the space for gardening? So here are a few gardening ideas for balcony that you can apply.

Know The Direction Of Your Balcony- Gardening Ideas For Gardening

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It is very vital to know the direction of your balcony. Know how much sunlight it gets during the daytime, how much wind it gets during different seasons, and much more. You need to know the details because only then you can decide what kinds of plants you’re going to grow on the balcony. For example, the subtle sunlight during the morning is perfect for the tender flowering plants, but the scorching sun rays during the afternoon is perfect for the citrus plants or plants like Bougainvillea, Cosmos, Salvia, etc. On the other hand, if your balcony receives strong wind, then you can’t plant any trees with lean and thin stems.

Use The Railings- Gardening Ideas For Balcony

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As you’ve analyzed the directions and conditions of your balcony, now it’s time to utilize the space wisely. Let’s start with the railings. Choose planters that you can place around or on the railing. Planters with supporting handles are available in the market that you can hang on the railings. Plant flowering plants or small succulents in them. In terms of exterior, flowering plants will play the role of home décors, as they will look beautiful from the outside of your home. You can also plant creepers in a pot beside the balcony as it will get the support of the railing to grow and creep.

Use The Walls Wisely- Gardening Ideas For Balcony

When it comes to space management for gardening, walls can be handy to arrange your planters to grow more plants. You only need to attach shelves to the walls. Floating wooden shelves or rectangular planters will look aesthetic also. You can place multiple planters on the shelves or can directly grow plants in the rectangular planters. Culinary plants coriander, mint, parsley, garlic, etc. will be the best things to grow there.

Use The Vertical Space Too

Don’t spare the vertical space empty as that can become handy to hang planters from the ceiling. Make sure that you use sturdy planters, light plants, strong support to hang the planters from the top of your balcony. Place the hooks wisely, as hanging planters from here and there can make it difficult to roam in the balcony if the planters touch your head.

A Few More Tips

Decorate your balcony garden a bit to spend your leisure there. Place a small elegant looking table and a pair of chairs around it. Deck up the balcony with contrasting fairy lights or bulbs to ensure sufficient lighting at night. Place the watering can, some colorful figurines, statues, etc. to make the look complete.

So, these were the few ideas that you can apply to create your own balcony garden and make a place to spend your “me-time” there.

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