Gardening Tools Basics For Your Small Garden

gardening hand tools

After all, the tools are what make your gardening experience fun and enjoyable. Gardening tools also make gardening a lot easier and faster. Without tools, gardening wouldn’t be much fun at all. Gardening with gardening hand tools are the backbone of all modern garden designing and there is no way that a gardener can do without them. You will definitely need gardening hand tools to till your land, cut your grass or plant flowers.

Unless you’re personally planting and cultivating vast acres of soil, you’ll be using gardening hand tools almost every day and both used and new gardening tools are just as helpful. A garden hose is essential for most gardens as this makes water usage very efficient and allows the gardener to more efficiently move water from one area to another, while deterring soil erosion. In addition to this, a garden hoe is highly recommended as it will help you get rid of those unwanted plants in your garden and helps you to keep your soil in a healthy condition.

Digging Forks, Spading Forks, Pitch Forks, And Digging Tine

Gardening with gardening hand tools also requires the usage of some specialized gardening hand tools such as digging forks, spading forks, pitch forks, and digging tines. Each of these tools has its own specific use and it is important that you know exactly what you’re using before you purchase them. A digging fork is the most basic of all gardening tools. These are very helpful when it comes to digging up earth and loose materials that are around your garden. The best gardening hand tools that you can invest in are spading forks, pitch forks, and digging forks.

Spading forks are great for loosening soil that is on the surface. By using a spading fork you can easily loosen soil in your garden and make it easier for you to plant plants once you’re finished. Pitchforks are another great tool that many gardeners enjoy. These gardening tools allow the gardener to dig up and turn around loose stalks, bulbs, roots, and more so that they can easily plant new items.

Plant New Items

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In addition to helping you to dig up and turn around loose materials in your garden, these gardening tools also allow the gardener to plant new items. Many of these tools allow you to plow right up a lawn when the ground is still a bit wet from having rain or snow fall previously. Some of these tools have special attachments which allow the gardener to plant deeply into the ground such as with planting rocks.

Gardening hand tools often include what is called a cultivator. A cultivator is used to shape up plantings after they have been plowed or turned over. Hand weeder handles are used to cut the weeding grass during the weeding process. You’ll find that weeding grass is one of the most time consuming things you will ever have to do in your garden. A weeding fork is a great addition to any garden hand tools.

Hedge Trimmers

One of the most popular gardening tools is the hedge trimmer. Hedge trimmers are great for cutting through tough bushes and trimming around trees. There are many different shapes and sizes of hedge trimmers.

Some hedge trimmers have small handles while others have long handles. These short-handled tools are great for cutting through tough branches and bushes without having to use much force. Long-handled tools tend to dig in very deep and make a noise as they trim your hedges.


Landscapers like to use shovels, rakes and hoes for cultivating their garden. A shovel can be used for building a patio or clearing away rocks or weeds. The best way to get started with gardening tools is to have a plan. This will allow you to choose the right equipment for your needs and choose between the various kinds of gardening tools.

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