How to Plant a Victory Garden

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If you have a windowsill and a long patio, then indoor window gardening is the way to go. A good way to start with this is to think about what you will grow, whether it will be herbs, flowers, perennials or vegetables. There are different pots that work for all these varieties so be sure that you do your research and buy the right one. This is especially important for plants that tend to get very hot or do not like the sunlight.

An Overview

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If you plan on growing plants that do well in indirect lighting, then you will need to invest in some clear plastic plant hangers. These can be found at most hardware and home improvement stores and are inexpensive. Clear plastic plant hangers will also help keep the soil moist and will prevent plant diseases that might be brought on by wet soil. For indoor window gardening, plant hangers are the way to go. Also if your plants are going to be on shelves, you will need a support for them.

Shelves are an important part of indoor window plant hangers because they hold the plants in place without allowing the weight to shift or break them. A double-layer shelf looks nice and is very easy to install. If you want to grow herbs indoors, then a double-layer shelf will be needed. A single layer shelf will not work because there is no support for the plant.

Planting A Victory Garden – Facts And Tips

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If you are going to use pots for your indoor window gardening project, then choose ones that are durable and strong. Pots that say ‘plastic’ on them are not very durable at all and should be avoided. These pots will crack, warp and won’t stay in place when you are trying to grow herbs or vegetables. Choose a sturdy garden pot and consider investing in some additional pots that will house your seedlings as well.

When it comes to caring for your plants, there is another important component that you will want to have on hand -watering supplies. Gardening requires constant attention to weather and the humidity level. Without a way to measure and keep track of the moisture content of the air, you can never be sure how much water your plants need to survive. To avoid having problems with over-watering, make sure to purchase a humidity tray. The humidity tray will be a simple water reservoir that you place on top of your plants.

In order to have success with Indoor Window Gardening, you also must select plants that will thrive in the climate and environment in which you live. Choose plants that are suited to the region of your home where you live and are going to be comfortable. Not all plants are going to be appropriate for every area of the country and you have to take that into consideration when choosing what you want to plant. For example, a success garden will look good in the southern states but may not do well in the north.

Indoor Window Gardening can easily become an all day hobby if you have the right tools and supplies on hand. Pots, buckets, planters and trays are some of the essential tools that you will need to enjoy Indoor Window Gardening. Make sure that you have enough room to hold your supplies because most gardening tools and supplies come in medium to large size pots. Most gardening supply stores will carry everything you will need to get started.

In Conclusion

Learning how to plant a victory garden takes some time but is a fun and rewarding skill to master. Gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby as you watch your plants grow and bloom. Gardening is not just a means of relaxation for you, it is also a way to learn about nature. Once you learn how to plant a victory garden, you will be more than ready to start experimenting with other ways to enhance the life of your plants.

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