How To Set Up And Decorate A Plant Shop

Setting up and decorating a plant shop can be a fun and rewarding project. By following these simple steps, you can create a space that is both inviting and functional.

1. Choose a shop type

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There are many types of shop that you can choose from, and each will have different requirements. The two most common shop types are a flower shop and a plant shop. Below is a list of the requirements for each of these shops:

Flower Shop – Requires 10 tables of flowers – Requires 8 blocks wide by 4 blocks deep

Plant Shop – Requires 12 garden boxes on shelves – Requires 5 blocks wide by 6 blocks deep

2. Layout your environment

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It’s important to keep in mind what kind of shops you want when planning out your environment. If you only need space for one type of shop, then this step can be skipped, but if you would like to expand in the future, then it will be important to keep both shops separate.

3. Build your shelves and tables

Shelves and workstations are the most important pieces of furniture in a plant shop, as plants will need space on top of these items to grow. To build a shelf or table, simply place a fence post on the ground, then place several sticks on top of it. This will create an item that can be jumped up through by a player, but that only a small mob (pig) can walk over. To add height so more plants fit on these items, you can stack fence posts underneath them once they have been created.

4. Add decorations

Once your wallpaper is installed and your lighting is configured for plant life growth, you can begin adding decorations to your shop. Some general tips for this step are as follows:

Place torches near the ceiling of your shop, as mobs will spawn during the day and night if there is not adequate lighting present.

Place flowers in decorative pots around your shop to create a nice atmosphere.

Flowers can be placed on top of the workstations or on shelves for decoration.

5. Pay attention to your shelves

Make sure the shelves are sturdy and well reinforced. Shelves must be able to support a lot of weight, so they need to be very strong. Remember that the plants will also add to the weight that each shelf can hold. Measure out how much space you have available for shelving in your store. These measurements should include any walls or posts that may get in your way as well as give you a better estimate on whether you’ll need one large shelving unit or multiple smaller ones. If there is anything blocking off certain areas from being used, measure those as well and then subtract those dimensions from your total room size to find out how much open space you’ll have available.


Setting up and decorating a plant shop can be fun, but it also takes some work. You’ll need to find the right plants and supplies, as well as choose the perfect decorations to set the tone for your business. Don’t forget to market your new shop so customers will know where to find you!

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