Japanese Garden: An Ancient Art Of Gardening

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Gardening is the most common hobby of all time. Many people indulge in gardening to get rid of stress in life and to get closer to nature. Moreover, gardening is a vast field and includes many different gardens. One such variety of gardens is the Japanese Garden.

Japanese garden basically originated from Japan. These gardens are unique when it comes to flowers and plants’ creativity. Moreover, these gardens are the formation of natural articles such as trees, grass, floral arena etc.

You will find that these gardens are special, as they avoid any kinds of artificial items or decor types. Thus, they offer only the natural environment and arena to the visitors, as well as great vision and mental peace.

Japanese Garden: An Ancient Art Of Gardening
Japanese Garden: An Ancient Art Of Gardening

The religion-based ethics of Japan prominently influence these gardens. And somehow, their architecture followed the Chinese culture as well.

History Of The Japanese Gardens

These gardens came in existence in the year around 570 when the emperors of Japan wanted to rest in a natural and peaceful place.

During that time, the Japanese emperors were interested in Chinese culture. So they often sent their delegations to China. These delegations were a group of diplomats, students, officials, monks, etc.

So, the delegates came back to Japan with different aesthetics of the Chinese culture. And in this way, Chinese culture has a significant influence on Japanese gardens.

Types Of Japanese Gardens

The design of the Japanese gardens caters to the fact that nature is the best aspect to keep the individuals happy, healthy, and peaceful. However, a variety of these gardens depend upon the idea of the garden formation.

Here is a list of some of them-

Nara Period Japanese Gardens

These gardens were named after the city of Nara. They are among the earliest of Japanese gardens. These gardens were different from other ones in some major aspects.

You can thus see the idea of using shorelines and stone settings in these gardens. They were generally used at that time for writing and taking rest.

Heian Period Japanese Gardens

In the Heian period, these gardens were specially meant for different categories of people. There were mainly three kinds of gardens: palace gardens of the nobles in the capital, the gardens of villas at the edge of the city, and the gardens of temples. 

Japanese Garden: An Ancient Art Of Gardening
Japanese Garden: An Ancient Art Of Gardening

These gardens adorned different places in the city. Moreover, the designs of these gardens were strictly based on Chinese ethics.

Water Gardens

The water garden is the aquatic formation of the Japanese gardens. They were the best examples of gardens. Moreover, they were suitable for writing, reading, singing, enjoying in the lakes, boating, and having a view of nature.

They have an important place in the Japanese gardens.

Zen Gardens

The Japanese monks were habitual to go to China for their educational and religious trips. At their return, they brought Chinese spiritual sculptures in a different form. These teachings influenced the construction of the Zen gardens.

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