Japanese Gardening Tools That Every Gardening Lover Must Buy

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There the saying goes; to yield twice the result with half the effort. The right gardening tools make the job easier. As gardening tool technology develops, it is fortunate to have a few inexpensive tools for dealing with the most common lawn maintenance tasks. Check below some of the best Japanese gardening tools.

Pruning Shears

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Scissors that cut thick branches, branches with a diameter of 25 mm are OK for many.  200 mm is recommended for amateurs and new professionals, and 180 mm is recommended for women. Remove and clean the screws frequently as they will not come off easily. Sharpening the backside from the front side will restore the sharpness. When sharpening the backside, do not sharpen only the cutting edge. The sharpness becomes dull. Make sure to sharpen the entire surface of the blade evenly.

Leather Saw

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Used for pruning thick branches. Since the saw blade is thin, there is little friction on the side of the blade, and it can be pulled smoothly. If you try to pull it quickly, your teeth will break but don’t panic; just pull it slowly, and it will cut smoothly.

Leather Saw Folding

It is a replacement blade for a two universal saw with a hand saw and a leather saw. If you select coarsely, you can cut a thick trunk with a diameter of about 10 cm. If you choose a universal blade, you can use it for pruning and roughing of carpentry, and if you choose a fine blade, you can use it for the bamboo cutting and finishing work of carpentry.

Sharpener For Medium Finishing

If you keep using the scissors, you will not be able to cut them. For cutting and pruning shears, remove the screws once or twice a month and sharpen the blades one by one. The back will not be cut if it is sharpened in a biased manner. It is necessary to sharpen the entire blade evenly. At that time, this whetstone has a stand, so it was easy to use.

Shrimp Mark Double-Sided Sickle

If you sharpen the scissors, the hydrangea will return. Professionals sharpen their scissors on-site during breaks. In that case, this whetstone with a size that is easy to carry around is easy to use. It is convenient because it is a double-sided whetstone that can be stopped (rough) and finished (fine). If the blade becomes rough, such as after pruning a hard tree, sharpen it once with a stop and then re-sharpen it with a finish.

Rechargeable Blower

A blower is a must for cleaning after pruning. If it is difficult to sweep with a broom, such as on gravel or at the base of a tree, use the wind to blow dust to clean it. Since it is lighter than the engine type, even women can work easily. Since it is rechargeable, it can be used without worrying about electric wires, and operability has improved dramatically.

 The Last One: Finishing Sander Paper

A tool that smoothes the rough surface of wood, such as after cutting with a DIY saw. When the amount is large, it takes time to work manually with sandpaper. It is convenient in such a case. It is also convenient for the work of scraping old paint film when repainting the fence with DIY.

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