Most Loved Balcony Gardening Ideas

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Big, medium or small all houses vary and provide their owners a place of solace. It’s the home one looks to after a day’s work or an intensive travelling or any other outside activity for that matter. Like beautifying everything humans have also devised ways to make their dwelling spaces all over more liveably through increasing their aesthetic appearance both from inside and outside. Although the design, structure and styles may change with the passage of time, few things remain constant.

Best Balcony Gardening Ideas

A close up of a flower garden in front of a building

Gardening is one of them. People have always valued the existence of beautiful plants in their homes as a means to turn their home beautiful. Though the modern world makes us feel like we are running out of physical space and that urban population finds it all the way more difficult to even find suitable houses let alone thinking about gardens, people still tend to find ways to make their living spaces all the more delightful.

Turning Balcony Into Garden

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There are many ways through which a balcony can be turned into a garden. The larger the balcony the better but the idea of a garden can also fit in small spaces. A prominent example of using little space for the purpose of a garden is by using the japanese art form of bonsai plants. This is a cultivation technique to produce small trees and plants that mimic large ones. Surely small sized trees will light up one’s small balcony space for ex: aloe vera, baby toes, Chinese money plant, jade plant, etc.

Balcony Gardening Ideas

Another idea for a balcony garden is by using Astroturf which will give it the look of an actual garden. If one happens to be an environmental enthusiast that he can take up used plastic bottles and put plants inside them and thereafter place them on balcony walls in different patterns which exemplify the limited space all the way more and create additional to the place. 

Another way by which the balcony space could be used up is by hanging terra cotta pots using hooks which will make one’s balcony all the more splendid. Given the restricted area one has on the balcony the railing could be put to use by using balcony rail planters which are made specifically to be able to fit over railings. This tip will surely add to the design of the garden and also to mention the brilliant use of available space. 

Creeper Embellishments

Another gardening idea that will embellish the balcony is by using “creepers”. Just as the name suggests these plants move outward in a very delightful manner thus adding more to the already beautiful garden. Isn’t nature’s grand design just wonderful?

It’s the home that has been known as “sweet” according to the saying ‘Home sweet Home’. And indeed what more sweetness can be added to one’s home than by welcoming nature in and sharing the space with it?

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