Popular Pond Plants For Your Backyard

Popular Pond Plants For Your Backyard Pond

Plants are an essential part of our ecosystem. The pond plants can benefit your water garden in many ways. They provide a beautiful look to your pond. Moreover, they help to oxygenate the pond, which leads to the survival of different water species. Hence, they can transform your small pond into a functional mini-ecosystem.

Furthermore, they help to reduce the formation of algae in your pond. However, many people do not know about the right plant species to grow in their pond. So, in this article, we describe every essential thing about these pond plants that you need to learn.

Popular Pond Plants For Your Backyard Pond

Popular Pond Plants For Your Backyard Pond

Types Of Pond Plants

There are five varieties of pond plants. You can mix these varieties in your pond to make it more interesting.

  • Deep Water Plants
  • Submerged Plants
  • Floating Plants
  • Marginal Plants
  • Bog Plants

Popular Pond Plants Species

In the section below, we are giving you some of the famous plant species to grow in your small garden pond. They are as follows.

Water Lilies: Popular Pond Plants

These beautiful plants are deep water plants. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow them in your small pond. You may comfortably plant them in your garden pond. Moreover, they have varieties of shades. They float on the water surface when not too much crowded. The flowers are growing up to a diameter from 2 to 12 inches.

Corkscrew Rush

These unique plants can exist in shallow water as well as in moist boggy soil. They have small green rushes with spirally stems. Hence, they can provide a particular look to your pond. However, small rushes can grow too much in height and should be trimmed. Moreover, the corkscrew rush will stay short as compared to other rushes.

Sweet Flag

This plant produces a sweet smell when cut or damaged. Due to this region, they derived their name as sweet flag. They provide a vibrant look to either large or small pond. They have yellow and green grass-like leaves. Moreover, they are easy to plant in either partial shade or full sun.

Water Hyacinth

These are one of the famous floating plants for the pond. They are easy to plant in any size of the ecosystem. Moreover, they have glossy leaves with eye-catching flowers. Another benefit of growing them in your pond is that they are capable of removing algae. Furthermore, they can also control ammonia and nitrogen levels in your pond.

Popular Pond Plants For Your Backyard Pond

Popular Pond Plants For Your Backyard Pond


These are the submerged water plants. Their feathery leaves can oxygenate the pond water and clean it up. However, they can sometimes extend more than the height of the pond. Hence, you must trim them from time to time.

Water Lettuce

These plants have swirling rosette-shaped small leaves. Their thick leaves will oxygenate the water. Moreover, the roots can provide food for the fishes. They also can adapt their size according to the pond. Furthermore, they grow at a good pace.

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