Prey Gardening Tips You Should Know About To Make Hobby Interesting

Prey Gardening Tips

What’s better than being able to garden and grow different things through a virtual game? One can learn different Prey gardening tips to excel in the same. When one enters the prey’s nursery in the detour, they can see a small garden beside the vent. You can have a unique experience here. When the sprinkler is controlled with a gaming console, it points out an option of Prey gardening tips.

Dr. Howard’s Superfruit

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One can garden the amazing fruit called Dr. Howard’s superfruit. This fruit is beneficial in storing the health in the game, and one’s psi in the game. This fruit can be made numerous times. One needs to follow a few steps to do so. Such as finding Dr. Howard since he has the secret formula that would help in growing this superfruit in the small garden. There are many ways one can break into his office to fabricate the plan of the growth formula. One needs to get acquainted with the contents provided along with the sprinkler in the garden. They can find Dr Howard in the security precinct of the game. The user can gain access to the botanist through computer-based controls. One such way is to smash the glass and use GLOO to climb up the vent and reach the other side. After this, one needs to build up at least one growth formula by backtracking it.

Prey Gardening Tips

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One can use the following Prey gardening tips to plant and grow the superfruit in the right manner and utilize it for restoring their health in the game.

Placing the formula: Using the Prey gardening tips, one can build up a growth formula easily and then place this formula into the sprinkler control system. A console can control the sprinkler, and it is responsible for sprinkling the growth formula in the garden. One needs to activate this system and then drop the formula where the original note was found and push its button.

Growth of the fruit: After the growth formula is sprinkled on the small garden through the sprinkler control system, it takes around 10 minutes for this superfruit to grow and harvest. While waiting for the fruit to grow, one can focus on other tasks such as gathering the echoes, shuttle advent, detour, golden gun, and other such activities.

Picking the Fruit

The Prey gardening tips help manage the fruit’s growth, and it can be monitored by tapping on it. It shows the time it may take for harvesting. One may get a new notification on the screen asking the user to pick the fruit after 10 minutes after this, one can go to the garden and pick their fruit as a reward. This process can be repeated as many times as the user wants.


One can use the Prey gardening tips for finding the formula and using the garden formula to harvest the superfruit that can help a user store their psi and health in the game.

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