Rock Garden: Interesting Facts About It

Rock Garden Amazing Gardens To Visit

There are different types of gardens like a water garden, rock garden, rose garden, winter garden and a lot more. Therefore, garden lovers have lots of options for visiting. Moreover, gardening is the most common hobby of all time. 

Several types of these gardens exist in the form of a competitive aspect. Hence, we can get a lot of information and crucial knowledge about the rock garden from professionals. Please read on and learn more about several features of fantastic rock gardens.

These gardens are the landform or parks which represent or show many and different styles of rocks, stones, and boulders. Thus, they have an exciting look.

Rock Garden: Interesting Facts About It

Rock Garden: Interesting Facts About It

Rock Garden Amazing Gardens To Visit

In these types of gardens, rocks and stones are arranged in many different styles and patterns so that plants or flowers can proliferate. However, these plants do not grow to more than 1 meter or 2 meters. So, flowers and plants make this rock gardens more exciting and beautiful.

Sometimes 6 to 7-meter shrubs are used to create shaded areas so that visitors can sit and enjoy themselves. However, the plants that mostly grow in this type of garden are planted for decoration purposes; they do not need fertile soil.

History Of Rock Garden

These gardens are native to Japan and China. Moreover, they are simple and attractive ones. Moreover, they use rocks to decorate them. These gardens are also known as Zen gardens or Japanese gardens.

Some Rock Gardens

Japanese Garden

The Japanese gardens form unique structures in the sense of creativity. These gardens are unique in this regard as you can see that there are no artificial trees. Hence, these gardens provide a purely natural environment and arena for visitors.

Zen Gardens

The Japanese monks used to go to China for their educational and religious trips. At their return, they brought Chinese spiritual sculptures in a different form. Based on these teachings, the Zen gardens were built.

Rock Garden Amazing Gardens To Visit
Rock Garden Amazing Gardens To Visit

Plant Suggestion For Rock Garden

 There are proper qualities of plants for the rock garden. Hence, not every type of plant or flower can grow in rock gardens. Moreover, one more reason for not planting good plants is the lack of better soil in these gardens. Therefore, by keeping these things in mind, you can grow normal plants for this type of garden.  Some rock garden plant can include:

Yellow Alyssum

Purple ice plant

Angelina Stonecrop

Dragon blood stonecrop

Hens and chicks

Creeping thymes

Blue fescue ornamental

Snow in summer



Creeping phlox

Wood spurge

Reticulated iris

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