Some Of The Best Gardening Tools For Disabled

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Gardening will help in stimulating the body and soul. It helps to maintain mobility and flexibility. Studies have shown that the gardening makes you feel renewed from inside. Though the seniors may not agree to this statement when they feel that their body is aching during or after gardening. At the initial moment you may feel that everything in the garden is rosy but it is only after a few hours of yard work that you can feel that your body is protesting. It could be that your stiff back and knees or your arthritic hands are restricting from doing the activities. But you need not worry as there are many ergonomic garden tools that will allow the green fingers to keep it doing things comfortably. So here in this article we will discuss about some of the best gardening tools for disabled.

Ergonomic Hand Weeder

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This serrated Radius Ergonomic Weeder will help you slice through the roots like a warm knife through butter. It helps to deal with dandelions since it will not leave dreadful long taproots snapped, pinched or broken in the soil. In this way it will help you to prevent that more weeds will return that those you thought you have removed. Its comfortable bended grip will provide that extra leverage which makes it easier to handle this tool. You can even use your body weight to drive this straights in the ground. Then you can easily twist, turn slice and flick the roots that you want to.

The Ergonomic Punching Sheer

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There are some small sheers that will hurt your arthritic hands more than  the others. This tool makes it easier to prune for the small snips and also for large cuts. It consists of three stage mechanism to ensure that cutting the thicker limbs will be easy and the blades also don’t flex. If the first squeeze does not cut then you can squeeze it again and then continue to cut it. pruner are easy to use especially if you have weak grip as this causes less strain on the hands. This sheer’s soft rubber hand grip performs as a shock absorber and pressure.

The Ergonomic Garden Hose Nozzle

Whether you lack strength or you have arthritic fingers or want something that is easier on your hands you can use this nozzle. Since it is light in weight, has a rubber padded nozzle, is controlled by thumb making it the best nozzle for you to be used. You can use this affordable nozzle by pressing the button by turning it on and off with your thumb.

Ergonomic Bear Paws Cultivator

Gardeners who have arthritic hands will love this bear paws cultivator claw. You need not have tired and sore hands and arms by pulling grass and narrow-rooted weeds. This will make the breaking up soil and turning over the weeds a breeze. You can use this tool to puncture the ground with feeding holes. You need to take out the debris and rock and it can be used on potted plants as well.

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