The Importance of Gardening Tools Names

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When you have a small garden and you think that you can’t be bothered to stock up on gardening tools, then guess what? You are going to be disappointed. If you want your small garden to grow and flourish, then you are going to need the right tools. Without them, you will not have a successful garden.

Watering Can

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One of the first gardening tools names on my list is the watering can. Sure, I get one for my tomato plants. But once the summer heat hits and I can no longer stand to keep my plants cool, I immediately go to my outdoor watering can and get one for the next time I need to water my plants. Sure, watering can looks like a can but it functions differently. A watering can has spigots attached to the side so that the liquid can be poured into the container, or directly onto the soil.

Next on my list of gardening tools names, is my handy little flowerpot. I love to use my flower pots as watering containers. They are perfect to put a few drops of soil onto when I am working outside in the heat. My flower pot also doubles as a great place to put the seeds of my favorite flowers so that they will sprout soon after I plant them.

Trusty English Lawn Mower

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The third item on my list of gardening tools names, is my trusty English lawn mower. I own an old upright lawn mower, but I always secretly desired owning an electric lawn mower. I don’t have access to an electrical outlet near my house, so my only choice was to improvise. I gathered a few lawn mower parts from my friends’ houses and I fashioned a simple lawn mower from a two-pronged steel rod and some nuts and bolts.

The fourth item on the list of gardening tools names, is my trusty pair of gardening scissors. Gardening scissors are my best friends when I’m trying to get the best vegetables out of a small space. I usually chop up all of the seeds, leaves, and stems while I’m harvesting my vegetables. If I had a pair of good scissors, I could probably cut my food preparations into tiny pieces and store them in my vegetable cabinet for later.

Weed Whacker

My fifth best tool used in gardening is my trusty weed whacker. It may not be as cool as my electric one, but it still gets the job done. It’s probably the only tool on my gardening tools list that I haven’t replaced since I got it.

My sixth best tool’s name is my spade and shovel. I use my spade to till the soil and my shovel to plant and remove plants from the area. These items have become indispensable members of my gardening tool collection. I have several different sizes and models of spades and shovels. Each item has been used in different applications, but always come back to them when I need one. They work wonders at turning even the most dead soil into usable dry soil.

Summing Up

I encourage every gardener to purchase their own tools. The benefits of having your own gardening tools are too numerous to not have them. Gardening can be an expensive hobby, so having the best tools possible will help reduce the amount you spend on maintenance. Your local gardening store should have all the gardening tools you need.

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