The Top 7 Gardening Tools

gardening tools list

The tools fall into a few broad categories that include hand tools and electric tools. Among the hand tools, the simplest are those that are primarily used to pluck plants and cut other plant-related materials, such as roots. The most common hand gardening tools include spades, loppers, digging trowels and planters.

Weeding tools are a vital part of any vegetable garden. These are tools used to loosen the soil or wash away weeds so that planting can occur. Various types of weeding tools may include weed whackers, spades, among others. Other tools used in gardening tools list that fall under the electrical tools category include hand-held electric cultivators, fertilizers, sprinklers, trowels, and other electric tools used for specific purposes.

Purchasing The Essential Gardening Tools Before You Plant

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When planning on starting a new vegetable garden, it’s crucial that you begin purchasing the essential gardening tools before you plant. With all of the many choices available, it can be quite confusing to decide which products to purchase. The list below identifies eight gardening tools essential for vegetable gardening that every vegetable gardener should own.

The tools are broken down between hand and electric versions so that hand tools will be easier to come by, and electric tools will be easier to operate but not break the bank when you need them. If you are new to vegetable gardening or are switching from an organic garden to a non-organic garden, then be sure to read the additional information about the different gardening tools available for your specific needs.

Weeding Tools

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Weeding tools are one of the key tools in any vegetable garden. Without it, many of the gardening methods you will use will simply be no better than they were without the use of this essential tool. In order to properly prepare the soil for planting, weeding is absolutely necessary. There are several different types of weeds that you can grow, and the best way to control those weeds is by weeding them. A good garden fertilizer will also help keep those weeds under control, and using weed killers is a great way to control the population of those weeds as well.

When it comes to preparing the soil for planting, a wheelbarrow is essential. They can be used for tilling the soil, digging holes for planting, moving soil, and there are even wheelbarrows that have platforms for when you need to work in smaller areas. A wheelbarrow is the first tool you will use in any gardening task.

Needles Come In Handy For Working

You can purchase them in a small, compact version for normal usage, or you can rent a large wheelbarrow for larger jobs. Some wheelchairs don’t have platforms that are useful for moving soil; if this is the case, look for a chair that features wheels instead.

The wheelbarrow should be large enough to accommodate at least one garden spade and perhaps another gardening tool, like a sharp rake or hoe. Needles come in handy for working in tight spaces. You can use these shears for digging up weeds, digging a hole for planting, trimming grass or other plants, and mulching.

Sharp Shears

Sharp shears are also a great tool to have, as they will cut down thick branches and help you reach certain plants that may be hidden under the ground. If you need to prune a tree or shrub, a pair of shears will get the job done easily and quickly.

A watering can is an absolute must when you are gardening. When you are in the middle of a drought or need to water a plant, having a water hose that never stops working is important. Watering canisters are inexpensive and can keep you well hydrated throughout the day. Some gardening shears are specially made with a long hose that will allow you to reach deeply into the soil for watering your plants.


Your clothing will become dirty very quickly, as you go around your garden. You will probably still need a dustpan to remove the dirt and soil from your clothes and tools used in your garden. For those who enjoy working outside, a paint sprayer will help you maintain your yard and keep it fresh looking. With the many gardening tools available today, maintaining your lawn, garden and house will be a breeze.

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