Turn Old Gardening Tools Into New Garden Supplies With These DIY Projects

A close up of a flower garden

These projects are designed for those of you who have no idea what to do with your old garden tools and gardening equipment. They will demonstrate to you a really neat way to add life to your old and useless garden tools by converting them into useful tools or decorative items that can then be used in and around the home. The best thing is that all these projects come with full step by step directions so there is really nothing to be worried about.

So what sort of things can you make from old gardening tools? There are several ideas here that are very easy to implement. You can create beautiful garden designs using flower pots which are also known as potteries. These can look stunning when incorporated into wonderful garden decorations or outdoor lights.

Decorative Accessories

A close up of a rock

One great way to transform old gardening tools into garden decorations is to use them as decorative accessories such as birdhouse spouts or faux clocks. How fantastic to have a nice large spout made from old gardening tools that has the ability to water a birdhouse or house. The birds will love to keep falling from these faux clocks! This is a great way to display water garden items in an attractive way. This could even be incorporated as a great way to attract birds to your birdhouses and houses.

Old shovels, loppers and hoes can easily become part of the garden decor. These can easily be found in your shed, yard or backyard. The great thing here is that these can easily be transformed into brilliant yard signs or simple garden decorations that highlight your garden equipment. If you already own some old gardening tools, this is a great way to dress them up as well.

Old Gardening Tools

A vase of flowers sitting on top of a wooden fence

You can create a wonderful accessory by converting old gardening tools into lovely yard signs. You will have so many options here, as most of your yard will probably already be in use anyway. What a great way to spruce up your backyard and lawn area with a cleverly designed sign that not only adds character to the yard but also makes a striking statement.

Some great options here are a spade, rake, shovel handle and hoe holder. What would be better than a spade with a beautiful carved design carved out of its side, allowing it to be another piece of the garden tools display case? A carved spade could be used to dig up all manner of dirt and break up the soil, leaving it very useful for mowing the lawn. A great accessory would be a carved rake that has the handle of an old rake that has been finely carved to look like a laden wagon wheel. A simple holder could be fashioned from old rakes and shovels that still work perfectly, but which also serve as a beautiful piece of yard decor.

Pair Of Gloves

One of the easiest DIY projects to try when you want to give your garden tools a new life would be to repurpose an old pair of gloves. You will find several websites online that sell high quality hand gloves in various sizes. You could find a set that includes mittens to match your spade, which will make a beautiful set for gardening. 

You will also find some fantastic designs in knit caps that would be perfect for creating your own flower beds and vegetable gardens. There are many other great ways to make use of your old gardening tools and turn them into a delightful new use.


For the gardener who grows their own herbs, there are countless uses for old hoses, buckets and other containers. There is nothing like having fresh herbs right outside your back door; you can even have them delivered directly to your doorstep by a fantastic delivery service! A great way to make the most of your old gardening tools is to repurpose plastic totes and containers and use them for sowing seedlings and planting flowers. Some great options include large plastic containers that are weighted down at the bottom to protect seeds from the weather, and small individual containers that are weighted down at the top with a net or other material so they can be used as planters for your flowers. By using old hoses and buckets, you can create an attractive looking yard while conserving energy at the same time.

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