Unique Roof Garden Design Ideas

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Roof gardening is the process of using the roof of your house for growing plants. This is an excellent way to get more gardening done in your backyard, but there are some things that you will need to think about before you start. One thing that you have to decide is whether you will be doing this gardening in a continuous manner or you are just going to spruce up the roof and move some plants over. Both methods will produce different results.

You might start with herb gardening. You can purchase herb seeds or grow your own herbs right out of your home. It does take some time to get the herbs started, but it is very easy to do and you will enjoy the process. Another option for roof gardening ideas is using plants that grow naturally on your roof such as herbs.

Low Maintenance Plants

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You might also want to consider using low maintenance plants. There are many varieties of low maintenance plants that are easy to grow and maintain. One of them is the roof garden design roof terrace idea. You can purchase a kit to help you with your rooftop garden design. This kit will include everything that you need to create your own low maintenance roof garden design. In addition to low maintenance plants you may want to consider adding some rocks or gravel to the area as well.

Another popular roof gardening idea is creating a raised bed. A raised bed is simply a special type of garden bed that is designed so that the plants are able to get the sunlight they need to grow. This is a very effective way to use space that would not ordinarily be used for plants. You can make your raised bed into almost any type of garden that you can imagine. Some examples include flower beds, soil beds, vegetable gardens and even entire landscapes.

Roof Gardening Ideas

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These are just some of the examples of high maintenance roof gardening ideas. These ideas are ones that most people would not think of doing on their own. The sad part about these ideas is that they can actually be very difficult to achieve. You would have to hire someone to build the raised bed for you. Someone who has more experience in this type of landscaping.

With a raised bed you will need to add a built in drainage material. This means putting in a special drain that will help the soil and the plants stay properly drained. This roof gardening idea is not hard to accomplish but it does require some know how. In order to build a raised bed you must first make sure that the roof slopes towards the driveway. Then you should also choose the right plants for your roof. Many people opt for using fast growing plants but there are other options such as ficus, geraniums and roses.

Some rooftop gardens and roof gardening ideas are easier than others. For example building your rooftop garden using rock walls is one of the hardest jobs. You must first find out what type of plants will grow best in that area. You should also consider factors such as where you are planning on placing the plants. You should also consider the look you want to achieve in your yard. Different plants and landscape designs can contribute to the overall look you are trying to achieve.


Raised beds can be used in a variety of different ways. You could line them up along the fence of your backyard or patio. You could place plants in them such as lavender orchids. You could also create a larger garden and use it as an outdoor living space. No matter the style of gardening you do you can use rooftop gardens and roof gardening ideas to create a beautiful garden.

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