Water Lily: Beauty On Water

Water Lily

Also referred to as Nymphaeaceae, water lilies are the flowering plants that live in water-based homes (such as ponds) and in tropical, hot climates. You can find about 70 species of water lilies all over the world. Moreover, they vary in color; ranging from pink to white. The water lily is also famous as the National Flower Of Bangladesh.

Characteristics Of A Lily

Water lilies have thick, buoyant leaves surrounding the flower that keep the flower afloat. These leaves are flat and broad, so they can adequately support the flower. Moreover, flowers of water lilies are usually pink, white or yellow and have a shape like a bowl.

Water Lily Famous Flower
Water Lily

Plant Structure Of The Water Lily

At the bottom of a pond or lake etc. there is soil. The water lily connects to the ground with a long stem that reaches the large leaves floating on the water surface. On top of the leaves lays the flower. In the roots of a water lily, nutrients and starch are present in good amount.

Water Lily  In Religion

Water lilies are referred to as a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism due to the “bloom” the flower produces when it emerges from the mud. Moreover, these water lilies are also considered as a symbol of resurrection in Hinduism and Buddhism. The thing is that many water lilies close their petals at night and reopen them at dusk.

Uses Of The Water Lily

Medicinal Use Of Lily

Water lilies are mainly used to make medicine for a variety of illnesses. Some examples of the medicines water lilies can cure; kidney pain, sore throat, congestion, and diarrhea. The rhizomes (roots) in water lilies are antiseptic and can be collected in the fall and stored or used later on. There is a process to use these roots. So, first, you have to fill up a steel or a glass pot one-fourth of it with water. You crush the roots of the lily and then pour them into the pot.

Roots of the water lily are instrumental in curing blood cough disease. Hence, you can make a juice of the flower roots. Then, add it to some water and consume it 3 times a day.

Moreover, it helps in maintaining the blood pressure. Therefore, it is beneficial for people who are suffering from hypertension.

Decorative Use Of Lily

These are gorgeous flowers, and thus popular for decoration purpose. People who have a pool at their living place use water lily to adorn their ponds. Hence, many people recommend the use of water lily as a decorative material.

They are also good to use as a table decoration. So, take a bowl and pour some water in it, and then put the lilies. Your table will thus look beautiful and attractive with these flowers.

Water Lily Famous Flower
Water Lily

Have Good Fragrance

According to the research of Texas A and M University, White lily has an amazing and robust smell. Hence, you can keep them in your house so that they can spread their fragrance at your living place.

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